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Conifer tree removal at a school

Conifer tree removal can be necessary for many reasons. The tree at this school had a ‘co-dominant stem’ and had become too large for the surroundings. The tree was situated within the school grounds and was at risk of  breaking out over the schools mini golf course. After a full assessment, we identified the potential hazards. As a result we recommended that the tree should be removed.

Co-dominant stem

Co-dominant stem refers to a tree that has two main trunks of approximately the same size.

Generally, co-dominance can be caused by genetic or environmental factors, improper pruning, or damage to the tree. As a result, the stems will grow more quickly as they compete for dominance. Furthermore, the point where the two stems meet can also become weak. Consequently, they can be prone to splitting or breaking off, or sustaining damage from the elements.

Undoubtably, If left uncorrected trees with co-dominant stems can result in a hazardous situation. Due to the excess weight, they are more likely to fail, causing damage to property or injury to people. With this in mind, it’s sometimes safest to remove the tree all together.

Sometimes, co-dominant stems can be corrected through proper pruning or training. This typically involves removing one of the trunks, leaving the other to become the dominant leader. However, this is a complex procedure and should only be performed by a professional arborist.

Tree removal

After carrying out a full assessment of the tree and surrounding areas, we made a plan for the safe removal of the tree. With this in mind, we liaised extensively with the schools site manager to plan the work.

Taking care to ensure that the working area was set up safely and people would be kept away from the area, we began to take down the tree and chip the green waste.

We carefully removed the tree using advanced rigging techniques, involving cutting and lowering the branches to the ground. With attention to ensuring that the branches reach the ground in a safe manner and no damage is caused.


The schools Site Manager and Head Teacher were very pleased with the outcome of the work.

We removed the tree safely and left the area clean and tidy, ready for the children after the school holidays.

We will continue to work with the school in future for any tree requirements. Currently we are in the process of completing a full site survey to assess the health and safety of all remaining trees.

If you have trees on your property it is worthwhile having them assessed to ensure issues such as co-dominance, or other factors are not presenting a hazard. If you have any trees that you need assessing or removing, contact us today to find out how our tree services can help you.