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IDEAL Tree Services Ltd
Illey Hall Farm, Illey Ln, Halesowen B62 0HF, United Kingdom
Phone: 07862 294213

Professional Local Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgery is a complex and potentially dangerous activity that requires specialized knowledge, skills and the right equipment. Professional Local Tree Surgeons are a must and Ideal Tree Services have you covered!

It is important to hire a qualified and experienced tree surgeon to ensure that the work is done safely and effectively.

Ideal Tree Services have extensive knowledge of all aspects of Tree Surgery. Combine this with our passion and hard work, we deliver the best results for our clients, every time.

Furthermore, Ideal Tree Services have Health and Safety at the heart of all of our operations. We hold a Constructionline Accreditation to provide the assurance that our practices are fully compliant and independently verified.

If you’re looking for Professional Local Tree Surgeons, get in touch today by one of the methods below.

Providing Unrivalled Tree Services & Tree Removal Throughout The West Midlands!

    What will we ask you?

    In order to assess your requirements, we may ask a number of questions.

    • What type of work do you require? We cover all aspects of tree surgery and green space maintenance including trees removal, tree reduction or pruning back from property, tree & shrub planting, hedge trimming and green space clearance.
    • How big is the tree, hedge or shrub?
    • What are the surroundings like? For example, are there any obstructions underneath like sheds or greenhouses, close to property like a conservatory, features such as a pond or stream or any garden furniture that may restrict our access?
    • Is there a Tree Preservation Order in place?
    • Are you aware of any nesting animals?
    • What type of access do you have to the tree? – Depending on the work required, we will likely need to remove green waste from the premises and get access to our equipment such as a truck and chipper. Access such as a gate or alleyway may be useful and ensuring that we have somewhere to park our truck/chipper can really help on the day work is scheduled.
    • Are your neighbours aware of the work? – If the tree spans more than one property, we may need to gain access to more than one property to carry out the work. Furthermore, our equipment may be noisy, you may wish to make your neighbours aware out of courtesy.
    • Could you send us over some pictures? – It may be useful for us in assessing the job to have some pictures of the tree and surrounding area.

    Contact us today for any further information.