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Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Hiring a Tree Surgeon- What to consider before finding a Tree Surgeon

Hiring a Tree Surgeon requires careful consideration. There are many factors to consider to ensure that your tree surgery requirements are carried out safely and to a good standard.

In this blog we will walk you through some of the key factors which you, as a responsible tree owner should consider.

What are my requirements?

Tree Surgery Companies may offer and specialize in different services. Considering what you want before hiring a tree surgeon helps you to determine if they provide the services you require. For example, some companies may be better equipped to carry out large tree removals, or have the machinery required to do stump grinding. There are also less Tree Surgeons who have the qualifications required to carry out professional tree health assessments (Tree Surveying).

How do I know I am hiring a professional tree surgeon?

Consider the basics first which show that any tradesman is providing a good service. Are they showing good professionalism and communication skills? Do they respond promptly and professionally to your inquiries? Are you confident they listen to your concerns and will provide clear explanations?

Tree Surgery can be extremely dangerous, the last thing you want to do when hiring a tree surgeon is hire a cowboy! There are a number of assurances a professional tree surgeon will be able to provide to prove that they are competent.

Tree Surveying


A qualified Tree Surgeon must have (as a minimum) certificates for Arboriculture specific skills and equipment. These certificates demonstrate that the arborist has received proper training and has the necessary skills to perform various tree work tasks. The national organizations which assess competence are NPTC/Lantra Awards.

  • CS30.1 – Maintenance and operation of a chainsaw
  • CS30.2 – On-site preparation and basic crosscutting
  • CS31 – Fell and process small trees 200mm – 380mm
  • CS38 – Climbing a tree and performing aerial rescue
  • CS39 – Using a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • First Aid at Work with a valid certificate

*Note: A table of relevant tree surgery qualifications including previous naming changes can be found at The Health and Safety Executive website (HSE)

A qualified Tree Surgeon will be able to show these certificates upon request.

In addition, a good quality tree surgeon may also have a qualification in Arboricultural knowledge e.g. National Certificates and Diplomas in Arboriculture.

In addition to all of the required NPTC/lantra qualifications, Ideal Tree Services M.D Gavin also holds a Technician’s Certificate Arboricultural Association -Tech Cert (ArborA) Now Cert Arb L4 (ABC) and  Dip Arb L4 (ABC)


When hiring a tree surgeon, ensure that they hold comprehensive insurance coverage, including public liability insurance (ideally up to £5 million) and employers’ liability insurance (ideally up to £10 million). Hiring a tree surgeon with appropriate insurance protects you and the workers in case of any accidents, damages, or injuries that may occur during the job.

A professional tree surgery company will be able to show their insurance certificates upon request.

Experience and Expertise

It is advisable to enquire about the tree surgeon’s experience in the field. Additionally, ask how long they have been working as an arborist and if they specialize in specific areas. An experienced professional is more likely to handle various tree-related tasks effectively.

With over 14 years experience in Tree Surgery, Ideal Tree Services can bring the knowledge and experience your job needs!

References and Testimonials

Request references from past clients, or check for testimonials and reviews on reputable platforms. This will give you insights into the tree surgeon’s reputation, the quality of their work, and the satisfaction of their previous customers.

Ideal Tree Services have many 5 star ratings on GoogleFacebook and Bark

Compliance with Regulations

Importantly, you should ensure that the tree surgeon follows relevant regulations and obtains any necessary permits or permissions for tree work. For instance, they should check if the trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or located in Conservation Areas.

Health and Safety Practices

Tree work can be hazardous, so it’s crucial to hire a tree surgeon who prioritizes safety. Inquire about their health and safety practices, equipment maintenance, and the use of appropriate safety gear. Ensure they follow industry guidelines and have a risk assessment process in place.

Ideal Tree Services holds Constructionline and SSIP Acclaim Accreditations, which is an independent organization which collects and verifies essential information about registered companies, including financial stability, health and safety practices, quality management systems, and environmental policies. This information is assessed and regularly updated, allowing buyers to have confidence in the credentials of the contractor.

Health and Safety

Hiring a Tree Surgeon- What will they do?

The job evaluation process of a tree surgeon can tell you a lot about them as a company, their care and their attention to detail.

Here we will take you through our typical steps to assessing your tree work and gaining all information required to complete a professional job, to the highest standards of quality and Health and Safety.

We will assess your job by evaluating various factors related to the trees and the surrounding environment.

Hedge trimming

Site Visit

We will visit the location where the work is required, examine the trees in question and assess the overall site conditions.

Tree Identification

We will identify the species of trees involved. Different species have unique growth patterns, health considerations, and potential risks associated with them. Understanding the specific characteristics of each tree helps in assessing the job accurately.

Tree Health and Condition

We are trained to inspect the health and condition of the trees. We typically look for signs of disease, decay, pests, or structural issues that may affect the tree’s stability or overall health.

Risk Assessment

Next, we evaluate potential risks associated with the trees. This includes assessing the proximity of trees to structures, power lines, or other objects, as well as considering the potential for falling branches or tree failure. Factors like tree age, structural integrity, and environmental conditions (such as wind exposure) help us to determine potential hazards.

Client Requirements

We will always discuss your specific needs and requirements. Understanding our client’s goals helps us in tailoring the assessment and developing an appropriate plan. As a result, we ensure that you get the outcomes you are hoping to achieve from the work.

Legal and Environmental Considerations

It is important to take into account local regulations, permits, and environmental factors that may impact the job. Crucially, a conscientious Tree Surgeon  will ensure compliance with any relevant laws or guidelines related to tree preservation, conservation, nesting birds or protected species.

Job Complexity and Equipment Needs

Based on the assessment, we evaluate the complexity of the job and determine the equipment and resources required. This includes considering factors like tree size, location, accessibility, and any specialized equipment needed for the task.

Safety Assessment

Safety is a crucial aspect of tree work. Consequently, we evaluate the potential risks to the team, and the surrounding property during the job. This means we can effectively plan the necessary safety measures, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and utilizing rigging techniques or equipment to minimize hazards.

Cost Estimate

Based on the assessment, we provide a cost estimate (or quote) for the job, taking into account the time, equipment, labor, and any other relevant factors.

Dependent on the type of job, we may also provide written job evaluations (or Job Description), including a breakdown of the services to be provided and the associated costs.