Ideal Tree Services

Tree Removal – Moseley

Ideal Tree Services recently completed a complex Tree Removal in Moseley.

Our client requested that we tidy up a section of trees on their property which had become overgrown.

Before carrying out the job, we completed a full assessment of the trees and surrounding areas.

The section of trees were highly complex and would require a great deal of planning to complete safely. On this occasion, the trees were situated on rough terrain which was also sloped. There were also utility communication lines running through the trees canopy. Given these conditions, it would be a very difficult task to ensure that as the branches are cut and lowered to the ground ensuring that the cables were not damaged.

Unfortunately, during our assessments, we found that one of the trees was in a dangerous condition and causing a potential hazard. With this in mind, our recommendation was to carry out tree removal to mitigate the risk of the tree causing harm to people or property.

To make this tree removal even more arduous, the decaying tree had a huge cavity running through the centre.

Tree Cavities

A tree cavity is a hollow area within a tree trunk or branch that can form naturally or be created artificially. Natural tree cavities can form due to disease, decay, or damage. Conversely, artificial cavities can be created by humans, providing nesting sites for wildlife.

Tree cavities can serve as important habitats for a variety of wildlife. Animals, such as woodpeckers, use cavities for nesting and roosting. Likewise, animals such as bats and squirrels may use them for shelter and hibernation.

In addition to providing habitat for wildlife, tree cavities can also play an important role in the ecosystem.  The decay process within a cavity provides sites for nutrient cycling and decomposition. This can result in rich soils and provide nutrients for other plants and organisms in the surrounding area.

However, tree cavities can also pose risks to human safety if they are located near roads or buildings. Unfortunately they can weaken the structure of the tree and potentially lead to falling branches or toppling trees. Therefore, it is important to monitor trees with cavities and take appropriate action to ensure public safety.

Tree removal method

Trees with decay can be very unstable and dangerous to work with.

The Ideal Tree Services team created a plan using our professional skill and judgement to ensure the tree removal was carried out with safety in mind at all stages.

We set up our site ensuring that there was a clearly defined ‘no go’ area and fully briefed the team.

Specialist equipment was used to safely cut and lower the branches to the ground.

The progress of the work was watched with great interest by neighbors and local children (watching from a safe distance of course!)

Upon completion, the team chipped or cleared away any green waste, leaving the areas clean and tidy, but most importantly- safe!