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Tree Surveying

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Tree Surveying

Tree surveying is the process of assessing the condition and potential risks associated with trees on a property or site.

Additionally, a comprehensive, professional tree survey can help identify any trees that may be hazardous, diseased or in need of pruning or removal.

Unfortunately, falling trees or branches can cause damage to property and injury to people. As such, it is important to have this assessed for safety reasons.

Due to its specialised nature, tree surveys should be conducted by arborists (tree specialists) who are trained to identify hazards and recommend appropriate actions.

Tree surveying- What do we look at?

Species: The type of tree can affect its growth, size, and potential risks.

Tree health: Signs of disease, pests, or decay can indicate potential risks.

Structure: The tree’s shape, growth pattern, and overall structure can affect its stability and potential risks.

Site conditions: Factors such as soil type, slope, and exposure to wind and other environmental conditions can affect the tree’s stability.

Tree Surveying Outcomes

Considering the results of the survey, recommendations may be made for pruning, removal, or other actions to reduce the risk of damage or injury.

Subsequently, we will produce a professional tree report to include all information required to take informed decisions about your trees.

Do I need my trees surveying?

Tree Surveys can be required for a number of reasons.

– Planning Applications
– Construction Projects
– Landscaping Projects
– Insurance purposes
– Risk assessment

If you are concerned about the safety of trees on your property, or if you are planning any project that involves trees, a tree survey conducted by a qualified professional is recommended.

In addition, the law in the UK places responsibility on property owners to ensure that trees on their land are safe. Property owners must ensure their trees do not pose a risk of harm or damage to others.

With this in mind, we consider some key legal requirements below:

Duty of care

To emphasize, property owners have a legal duty of care to ensure that their trees are safe. This applies to both healthy and diseased trees.
Property owners may be held liable for any damage or injury caused by their trees.

Tree Preservation Orders

Importantly, trees that have been designated with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are legally protected. Trees subject to protection orders require permission from the local planning authority before work can be carried out on them.

Conservation areas

Furthermore, where the trees are in designated conservation areas they are protected by law.

Therefore, it may require permission from the local planning authority before work can be carried out.

Health and Safety at Work Act

In addition, property owners have a duty of care to ensure safety of anyone working on their land under the Health and Safety at work Act.

How do I get a tree survey?

At Ideal Tree Services we hold vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of tree care and management.

Our tree surgeons are fully qualified in tree surveying and can professionally assess the health of your trees. As a result, we will advise on appropriate management to ensure that the tree maintains good health and structural integrity.

If you require a professional tree survey and report, we will be able to provide an excellent quality service.

We are experienced in providing services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Priding ourselves on our wide array of certifications, we’re among the most qualified Tree Surgeon teams in Birmingham.

Whether for health and Safety purposes, or to support site planning, we understand the importance of the outcomes of tree surveys. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive and professional tree reports.

We cover The West Midlands Region, including Birmingham, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, and many others.

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