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Plant a tree for the Jubilee!


Plant a tree for the Jubilee!


Plant a tree

To Plant a tree is a great way to contribute to the environment and add beauty to your surroundings.

Read on to learn the basic steps to plant a tree:

Choose the right tree species

The first step to plant a tree is to select a tree species that is appropriate for your area. Consideration should be given to the soil, sunlight, and climate conditions of your location. Additionally, factors such as the size of the tree at maturity, growth rate, and susceptibility to pests or diseases.

Select the planting site

Choose a location that has enough space for the tree to grow and is free from obstructions such as power lines, buildings, or other trees. It is very important to make sure the soil is well-draining and provides enough nutrients for the tree.

Plant a tree – Dig the planting hole

Before digging a hole, assess the size of the root ball. Subsequently, dig a hole that is two to three times wider than the root ball of the tree and about as deep as the root ball. Additionally, remove any rocks, weeds, or other debris from the hole.

Remove the tree from its container

Before you plant a tree, carefully remove it from any container, ensuring you are careful not to damage the roots. Important to note, if the tree has a root ball, gently remove any burlap or wire around the root ball.

Plant a tree – Placement in the hole

Carefully place the tree in the center of the hole and make sure it is straight. Then backfill the hole with soil, making sure to tamp down the soil as you go to remove any air pockets.

Plant a tree- Watering in

After planting, water the tree thoroughly to help settle the soil around the roots. Crucially, make sure the tree receives enough water during its first year, particularly during hot and dry weather.

Plant at tree – provide nutrients

Add a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree, being careful not to cover the trunk. This will help retain moisture and control weeds.

Ongoing tree care

Remember to take good care of your newly planted tree by watering it regularly and providing any necessary fertilizers or treatments.

Newly planted saplings may need additional support such as canes, or protective tubing around the trunk to prevent damage in their early life.

With the right care, such as appropriate tree pruning, your tree will thrive and provide many years of enjoyment and benefits to the environment.

Ideal tree services can advise on and carry out all aspects of tree planting and tree care.

The Queen’s Green Canopy

As a nationwide initiative created to mark the Platinum Jubilee, the Queens Green Canopy was set up to create a lasting living legacy. The initiative encourages as many people as possible to plant a tree.

The Queens green Canopy website provides a wealth of information on how you can get involved. The scheme will be extended to include the full tree planting season, beginning in October 2022 and concluding in March 2023.

With over a million trees planted in Her Majesty’s name across the nation during the first planting season in October 2021 to March 2022, this was something that we are very excited to be a part of.

Getting Involved

Here at Ideal Tree Services we are passionate about trees and being part of a thriving and healthy natural environment.

To mark the Queen’s platinum Jubilee we will be supporting the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative. For every tree we remove in 2022, we will be gifting a new tree to be planted under the scheme.

Particularly exciting is the fact that anyone can get involved and support this fantastic cause. If you do not have the space  to plant a tree, or don’t fancy getting ‘green fingered’ you can also donate to support urban plating initiatives.

For more information see the link below:

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