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Severing Ivy or climbing plants

Severing ivy and climbing plants requires a balance between plant management and the preservation of host structures and trees. As a professional tree surgeon, I understand the nuanced approach necessary for successful and safe plant severing. Clients seeking these services should prioritize knowledgeable professionals who can assess the situation, execute a proper plan, and provide guidance for ongoing maintenance.

As an experienced tree surgery company, we are well-acquainted with the intricacies of managing climbing plants like ivy. Severing ivy and other climbing plants is a task that requires careful planning, knowledge of plant physiology, and adherence to safety protocols. In this section, I will provide insights into when severing ivy or climbing plants may be necessary, the process involved, safety considerations, required qualifications, and useful information for clients considering these services.

When Severing Ivy or Climbing Plants is Necessary?

Severing ivy or climbing plants becomes necessary for several reasons. Structural Damage is the main concern our clients come to us with.

Climbing plants can infiltrate buildings, walls, and structures, causing damage over time due to their root systems and weight. Ivy and certain climbing plants can become invasive, outcompeting native vegetation, and disrupting local ecosystems.

Excessive climbing plant growth can block sunlight, impacting the health of other plants or even endangering the host tree.

In addition, climbing plants can provide hiding places for pests, potentially leading to infestations.

The Severing Ivy or Climbing Plants Process:

1. Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the site is conducted to understand the extent of climbing plant growth, the host tree’s condition, and potential risks.

2. Identification: Different climbing plants may require distinct approaches. Ivy, for example, has a wide root network, while other plants might have tendrils or aerial roots.

3. Selecting Severing Points: Careful consideration is given to identifying appropriate points for severing the plant. These points are chosen to minimize damage to the host tree or structure.

4. Cutting Technique: Depending on the plant’s characteristics, tools like hand pruners, loppers, or saws are used to cut the vines. For ivy, cutting the vines near the base of the tree or structure is common.

5. Slow Removal: The climbing plant is severed in sections over time to prevent the sudden removal of all foliage, which can shock the host tree or wall.

6. Disposal: Removed plant material is properly disposed of to prevent regrowth or the spread of seeds.

7. Application of herbicides may be used in conjunction with the severing process for overall management.

Safety Considerations:

Safety is a top priority during severing processes. Ideal Tree Services are a professionally certified tree surgery company. We have undergone training in all tree surgery techniques and safety protocols. All qualifications can be available on request.

When carrying our removal or severing of Ivy or climbing plants it is important to carry out a Stability Assessment. Before starting, the structural stability of the host tree or building is assessed to ensure that severing the plant won’t cause unintended damage. The plant should be removed slowly to avoid destabilizing the host structure or tree.

Properly maintained tools ensure efficient and safe working. We only use well-maintained and appropriate equipment, including pruning saws and loppers, which are safety checked prior to each use.

Appropriate signage, traffic Management, or cordons will be put in place to ensure that the risk to people entering the work site is reduced and prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of both workers and bystanders.

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including helmets, eye protection, gloves, and chainsaw-resistant clothing, are worn to minimize risks. When severing Ivy or climbing plants, this can also help to guard against potential irritants or sharp plant parts.

Professional tree surgeons should possess the required certifications. Arborists often hold certifications from reputable organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

At Ideal Tree Services we have many years of experience in safely and effectively managing climbing plants, which ensures safe and effective removal.

Furthermore, our extensive training, risk assessment and experience means that we are adept at spotting potential hazards and putting plans in place which minimise any risk.

Ideal Tree Services holds full liability insurance, which is essential to cover any potential damage or accidents during pruning.

Useful Information for Clients:

Ideal Tree Services clients benefit from a comprehensive assessment of the site to understand the severity of the climbing plant’s impact. We will explain the chosen severing technique and its potential effects on the host tree or structure and discuss long-term management plans to prevent regrowth and maintain the health of the host tree or wall.

We provide detailed job descriptions/ quotes outlining the scope of work, specific pruning techniques, and safety measures.

We fully consider local regulations. Clients should inquire about permits or permissions required for tree felling in their area. We can support/ signpost for clients to find this out.

Please feel free to ask for references or examples of our previous work we have undertaken for our many happy domestic and commercial clients.

Ideal Tree Services are reputable tree surgeons- check out our fantastic reviews for your assurance

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20:00 11 Dec 23
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Janice EatonJanice Eaton
16:57 16 Nov 23
extremely happy, Gavin and team were great did exactly what I wanted very professional ,and with a great sense of humour . Many ThanksJan .
Jean FisherJean Fisher
22:02 13 Nov 23
Excellent service and so helpful. They worked very hard and we're really thorough as well.
20:39 09 Nov 23
Thankyou to Gavin and Alex for a lovely job on our conifers.They were trimmed perfectlyVery tidy workersThank you
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18:13 18 Sep 23
Great lads, super hard working, fair price with great communication.Would highly reccomended
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19:31 05 Sep 23
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20:20 17 Aug 23
Had lots of work done today by Gav and his team. What can I say, to say we are pleased is an understatement. The service from start to finish has been excellent. The garden has been transformed. If you want a professional service with a company that delivers on what they say they will do, call this company. Thanks again for today and really enjoyed chatting to the lads. Top job thanks , Rich.
Peter FulthorpePeter Fulthorpe
20:38 10 Jul 23
Gavin and the team were really professional, friendly and clearly knowledgeable. Arrived exactly when they said they would and absolutely grafted all day leaving the garden and driveway spotless. Couldn't recommend more highly if you need tree work done.
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22:03 20 Mar 23
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16:18 25 Feb 23
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14:04 05 Jul 22
Gavin and his team arrived promptly and completed the job to a very good standard. They were courteus and professional at all times and left the property very tidy when they'd finished the work. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to use their services.
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08:25 23 Apr 22
Absolutely fantastic job by Gavin & his team. Really opened up the garden, we get loads more light. Less like a jungle, more like a relaxing haven. Can not fault their work ethic, don't know how they kept going! Left everything tidy when they finished. Garden looks beautiful front & back. Ideal were recommended to me & I will definitely be recommending onwards. Will be using their services again.

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