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TPO Applications

At Ideal Tree Services we know that finding that your trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Orde (TPO) can be a daunting prospect. Let us help you in understanding TPOs and simplifying the process.

As professional tree surgeons, we understand the significance of preserving trees and maintaining a healthy environment. TPOs play a crucial role in safeguarding trees with significant value to the community. In this section I will explain what TPOs are, how to determine if trees on your property are subject to a TPO and tell you about our convenient TPO application service for clients facing this situation.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

A Tree Preservation Order is a legal designation imposed by local authorities to protect specific trees, groups of trees, or woodlands that hold aesthetic, ecological, or cultural importance. TPOs are put in place to prevent unauthorized removal, cutting, or significant alterations to these trees without proper approval.

Identifying Trees Subject to TPOs

To find out if trees on your premises are subject to a TPO, follow these steps:

  • Contact the Local Authority: Get in touch with your local planning authority. They maintain a register of TPOs and can provide information about protected trees within your area.
  • Online Resources: Many local authorities have online databases where you can search for TPOs by entering your property’s address or location.
  • Planning Portals: Check the local planning authority’s website or planning portal for information related to TPOs. They might have maps, documents, and forms that can help you identify protected trees.

TPO Application Services:

Discovering that your trees are subject to a TPO can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the application process. As a professional tree surgeon, I offer a comprehensive TPO application service to simplify the process for clients.

I’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the trees on your property that are subject to TPOs. This includes evaluating their health, structure, and significance to determine the best course of action.

Once I have a clear understanding of what work is required, I’ll compile the necessary documents required for the TPO application, including detailed reports on tree condition and reasons for any proposed works.

We can handle the submission of the TPO application to the local planning authority on your behalf as an ‘Agent’. This ensures that all required information is accurately provided, increasing the likelihood of a successful application.

Throughout the application process, I’ll maintain open communication with the local authority, addressing any inquiries or additional information they may require.

With my expertise as a professional tree surgeon, I can provide recommendations for appropriate tree management practices that align with the TPO guidelines while preserving the health and safety of the trees.

Tree Preservation Orders are a vital tool in preserving the natural beauty and value of trees in our communities. If you discover that trees on your property are subject to a TPO, I’m here to offer a streamlined TPO application service that takes the hassle out of the process. With my knowledge and experience, I’ll guide you through the application journey, ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to protect these valuable assets for future generations.

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