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Time for a Tree Surgeon

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As the winter months unfold, it’s an opportune time to consider calling a tree surgeon and scheduling in your upcoming tree surgery and garden maintenance needs, before the nesting season kicks in. Tree Surgeon tip- plan ahead Nesting season for birds typically begins around March and extends through August. During this time, many bird species … Read more

Tree issues – What to look out for

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As a tree surgeon I know the importance of keeping a watchful eye on the health of our trees throughout the year. Recognizing signs of distress early on is essential to identifying tree issues and can prevent further damage. If you are keen to maintain the beauty of your outdoor space, carrying out regular maintenance … Read more

Can I cut my neighbour’s tree?

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Can I cut my neighbour’s tree? In the UK, you generally do not have the right to cut your neighbour’s tree without their permission. Cutting or trimming a neighbour’s tree without consent can lead you into trouble. Consequently, it could be considered trespassing or criminal damage, and you may be held legally liable for such … Read more

Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Hiring a Tree Surgeon- What to consider before finding a Tree Surgeon Hiring a Tree Surgeon requires careful consideration. There are many factors to consider to ensure that your tree surgery requirements are carried out safely and to a good standard. In this blog we will walk you through some of the key factors which … Read more